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新唐ISD91200 Series 规格说明

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ARM® Cortex™-M0 core running up to 50 MHz for normal speed.
One 24-bit System tick timer for operating system support.
Supports a variety of low power sleep and power down modes.
Single-cycle 32-bit hardware multiplier.
NVIC (Nested Vector Interrupt Controller) for 32 interrupt inputs, each with 4-levels of
Serial Wire Debug (SWD) supports with 2 watchpoints/4 breakpoints.
Power Management
Wide operating voltage range from 1.8V to 5.5V.
Power management Unit (PMU) providing four levels of power control.
Deep Power Down (DPD) mode with sub micro-amp leakage (<1µA).
Wakeup from Deep Power Down via dedicated WAKEUP pin or timed operation from
internal low power 10KHz oscillator.
Standby current in SPD mode with limited RAM (256byte SBRAM) retention and RTC
operation <5µA.
Standby current in STOP mode with full SRAM retention <10µA.
Wakeup from Standby can be from any GPIO interrupt, RTC or BOD.
Sleep mode with minimal dynamic power consumption.
3V LDO for operation of external 3V devices such as serial flash.
Flash EPROM Memory
64K/128K bytes Flash EPROM for program code and data storage.
Mini-cache to maintain near zero-wait state memory access.
Support In-system program (ISP) and In-circuit program (ICP) application code update
512 byte page erase for flash.
Configurable boundary to delineate code and data flash.
Support 2 wire In-circuit Programming (ICP) update from SWD ICE interface
SRAM Memory
12K bytes embedded SRAM.
Clock Control
High speed and low speed oscillators providing flexible selection for different applications.
No external components necessary.
Built-in trimmable oscillator with range of 16-50MHz. Factory trimmed within 1% to
settings of 49.152MHz and 32.768MHz. User trimmable with in-built frequency
measurement block (OSCFM) using reference clock of 32kHz crystal or external
reference source.
Ultra-low power (<1uA) 10kHz oscillator for watchdog and wakeup from power-down or
sleep operation.
External 32kHz crystal input for RTC function and low power system operation.
External 12 MHz crystal input for precise timing operation.
Four I/O modes:
Quasi bi-direction
Push-Pull output
Open-Drain output
Input only with high impendence
Schmitt trigger input selectable  
I/O pin can be configured as interrupt source with edge/level setting.
Supports High Driver and High Sink IO mode.
Capacitive Touch: 16
Maximal 32 GPIO
Audio Analog to Digital converter
Sigma Delta ADC with configurable decimation filter and 16 bit output.
90dB Signal-to-Noise (SNR) performance.
Programmable gain amplifier with 32 steps from -12 to 35.25dB in 0.75dB steps.
Boost gain stage of 26dB, giving maximum total gain of 61dB.
Input selectable from dedicated MIC pins or analog enabled GPIO.
Programmable biquad filter to support multiple sample rates from 8-32kHz.
DMA support for minimal CPU intervention.
Differential Audio PWM Output (DPWM)
Direct connection of speaker
0.5W drive capability into 8Ω load.
Configurable up-sampling to support sample rates from 8-48kHz.
Programmable volume control from -128dB to +36dB in 0.5 dB step
Programmable biquad filter to support multiple sample rates from 8-48kHz
DMA support for minimal CPU intervention.
Two timers with 8-bit pre-scaler and 24-bit resolution.
Counter auto reload.
Watch Dog Timer
Default ON/OFF by configuration setting
Multiple clock sources
8 selectable time out period from micro seconds to seconds (depending on clock source)
WDT can wake up power down/sleep.
Interrupt or reset selectable on watchdog time-out.
Real Time Clock counter (second, minute, hour) and calendar counter (day, month, year)
Alarm registers (second, minute, hour, day, month, year)
Selectable 12-hour or 24-hour mode
Automatic leap year recognition
Time tick and alarm interrupts.
Device wake up function.
Supports software compensation of crystal frequency by compensation register (FCR)
Four 16-bit PWM generators provide four single ended PWM outputs or two
complementary paired PWM outputs.
The PWM generator equipped with a clock source selector, a clock divider, an 8-bit prescaler and Dead-Zone generator for complementary paired PWM.
PWM interrupt synchronous to PWM period.
16-bit digital Capture timers (shared with PWM timers) provide rising/falling capture inputs.
Support Capture interrupt
Up to two uart controller
UART ports with flow control (TX, RX, CTS and RTS) 
8-byte FIFO.
Support IrDA (SIR) and LIN function
Programmable baud-rate generator up to 1/16 of system clock.
Up to two SPI controller
SPI Clock up to 24 MHz.
SPI data rate in Quad mode up to 98 Mbps
Support MICROWIRE/SPI master/slave mode (SSP)
Full duplex synchronous serial data transfer
Variable length of transfer data from 1 to 4 bytes
MSB or LSB first data transfer
2 slave/device select lines when used in master mode.
DMA support.( 64bit (16x4) data FIFO)
Quad/Dual SPI support.
Master/Slave up to 1Mbit/s
Bidirectional data transfer between masters and slaves
Multi-master bus (no central master).
Arbitration between simultaneously transmitting masters without corruption of serial data
on the bus
Serial clock synchronization allows devices with different bit rates to communicate via one
serial bus.
Serial clock synchronization can be used as a handshake mechanism to suspend and
resume serial transfer.
Programmable clock allowing versatile rate control.
Supports multiple address recognition (four slave address with mask option)
Supports wake-up by address recognition (for 1st slave address only)
Interface with external audio CODEC.
Operate as either master or slave.
Capable of handling 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit word sizes
Mono and stereo audio data supported
I2S and MSB justified data format supported
Two 8 word FIFO data buffers are provided, one for transmit and one for receive
Generates interrupt requests when buffer levels cross a programmable boundary
Supports DMA requests, for transmit and receive
12-bit SAR ADC with 350K SPS
Up to 10-ch single-end input
Single scan/single cycle scan/continuous scan
Each channel with individual result register
Scan on enabled channels
Threshold voltage detection
Conversion start by software programming or external input
Supports PDMA mode
Low Voltage Reset
Threshold voltage levels: 1.8V

Brown-out detector
Supports 8-level brown-out setting.
Supports time-multiplex operation to minimize power consumption.
Supports Brownout Interrupt and Reset option
Built in Low Dropout Voltage Regulator (LDO)
Capable of delivering 30mA load current.
Configurable 8 output voltage selections from 1.5V – 3.3V.
LDO output powers IO ring for GPIOA<7:0> and can supply power to external SPI Flash.
Can be bypassed and voltage domain supplied directly from system power.
Additional Features
Over temperature alarm. Can generate interrupt if device exceeds safe operating
Temperature proportional voltage source which can be routed to ADC for temperature
Digital Microphone interface.
2 Low noise high impedance high working temperature OPAMPs suitable for smokedetect application.
Standby current in STOP mode with SRAM retention <=10µA at 25°C.
Operating Temperature: -40C~85C
All Green package (RoHS)
LQFP 64-pin







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