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不好意思啊  呵呵 一直在忙 今天看到 其实就是焊接的问题,但是是前级电路的焊接  由于我按散热片 引脚接触的好啦  所以就好 ,前级是达灵顿,SOP封装的   不好意思啊
谢谢大家  温暖啊
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LGZ2006很牛 谢谢你  包括大家 我新毕业的 所以,,,,谢谢
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Currently I am seeking Application Engineer, Asia Pacific for my client – A New York Stock Exchange listed company with great financial report each year and it has collaborated with customers to solve their toughest challenges and deliver material technologies with the critical performance and reliability they demand. And our client has fourteen factories in worldwide, own human-based management. This person will cover Aisa(China/Korea/ Taiwan/Singapore) and visit German Curamik!30% AP Business Travel

As hiring manager proposed, candidates who are Know-how in design of power electronic modules and the related key requirements for thermal resistance (Rth), current, voltage, transistors and diodes
and candidates who are R&D/process or quality engineer from IGBT packaging companies which are their customers or technical engineer from competitors and suppliers is qualified.

Company Information: Our client is an American specialty materials company with over one hundred year’s history. It is a global leading manufacturer of specialty materials such as polymers, fillers and high performance elastomers for a variety of industries.

Job Title:                Application Engineer, Asia Pacific
Div/Corp:                PES/Curamik
Report to:                Director Marketing PES
Location:                Shanghai/Suzhou/Shenzhen/Korean/Hongkong/Singapore/Taiwan etc.

Job Purpose:  

•        The application engineer for AP is responsible for the technical support for curamik products for the Asian customers mainly in Japan, China and Korea

Essential Functions:

•        Know-how in design of power electronic modules and the related key requirements for thermal resistance (Rth), current, voltage, transistors and diodes.
•        Technical support of customers:
        Main interface to customer for technical questions for new projects/products; responsible for the technical cooperation with the customer including the curamik internal coordination (“project lead”)
        Preparation and execution of technical trainings/workshops for the customer and the regional sales organization
        Support of the offer generation by verification of the technical specification
        Generation and distribution (in coordination with the HQ) of technical/application oriented documenation.-50%
•        Support of the quality department by customer complaints if a technical change can contribute to the solution.-10%
•        Generate and extend the competence for defined target applications (e.g. industry, automotive, renewable energy) to ensure the understanding of future trends, competitive situation … as contribution to the product roadmap. Generation of application notes.-15%
•        Be part of the technical marketing/application engineering team and in this respect:
         support the generation of documentation/trainings material for customers
        Competition analysis on application/technology level and deliver inputs for related measures
        Identification von features and products that will generate value to our customers.-25%

Preferred Education & Experience:

•        Deep understanding in the usage of ceramic substrates in the power module industry
•        Application know-how in one or more of the target applications
•        Engineering level in the area of joining technology, electronic or materials science
•        Experience in working with customers in an international environment and with different cultural background
•        Experience in methods like APQP, PPAP, FMEA, QFD, SPC
•        Understanding of DIN ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, DIN ISO 14001 and country specific regulations (with focus on Asia)
•        Fluent English in written and spoken

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